Henriette Joubert

I was born in Cape Town in 1967, grew ​up in Bahrain, and returned to South ​Africa to finish school. I got married at ​24 and am a mother of two.

My Career

I am an Independent Forensic Psychophysiologist and proud owner of a national ​truth verification company with a select group of prominent clients.

I am also a Biodanza Didactic Facilitator, having facilitated many groups with ​various themes across Johannesburg and Pretoria.

And recently I have become an Online Business English and IELTS Exam ​Preparation Teacher.

Henriette Joubert

My motto

A Magnificent Life of

Health, Wealth & Love

A Magnificent Life is not "perfection", but having the sense of ​adventure to Explore & Discover — regardless of the circumstances.

Henriette Joubert

My Purpose

Being dedicated to continuous self-improvement ​I have discovered my Purpose:

Learning to Love and be Loved

Henriette Joubert